End Of Summer AC Maintenance: 5 Cool Tips

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5 Tempe AC Maintenance Tips

As Summer comes to a close in Tempe, AZ, with kids heading back to school and vacations ending, it’s time to adjust your AC settings. However, the cooling temperatures don’t mean your AC can be ignored. Peterson Air Care is not just about AC repair in Tempe, AZ. We’re dedicated to ensuring your HVAC system operates at its best. Keep reading to learn about our end-of-Summer AC tips, or call now to see why we’re the best air conditioning company Tempe has to offer!

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Maximize Your HVAC’s Efficiency: Top Tips From The Pros

To avoid the need for air conditioning maintenance in Tempe and ensure a comfortable home, follow these essential AC care tips:

1. Clean Your AC Unit

With the season’s change, it’s crucial to clean your unit, enhancing its efficiency and potentially reducing your energy bills.

  • Safety First: Turn off the AC’s circuit breaker before starting.
  • Outdoor Cleanup: Clear away dust, debris, leaves, or grass clippings from around your outdoor unit.
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning: If you’re confident, open the condenser unit’s covers, remove debris, vacuum the dust, and hose down the coils. Alternatively, a garden hose with an adjustable nozzle can be used to spray the outside unit, letting water drain from the sides.

2. Replace AC Filters

One of the easiest ways to maintain your AC’s efficiency is by changing its filters. Clogged filters restrict airflow, increasing energy consumption.

How-to: If unfamiliar, let our team guide you during your next AC tune-up in Tempe, AZ. Remember to photograph the filter setup before removal. Filters usually have their size printed on the edge, or you can consult a hardware store for assistance.

3. Adjust Thermostat Settings

To save on energy bills, adjust your thermostat settings as temperatures drop. Gradually increase the temperature setting weekly, ensuring comfort. This method promotes HVAC efficiency.

4. Schedule an AC Tune-Up in Tempe, AZ

Regular AC maintenance appointments are essential. Our team can inspect your unit, replace filters, check coils, and test the system. Regular check-ups can identify and rectify minor issues, preventing costly future AC repairs in Tempe, AZ.

5. Recognize When AC Repair is Needed

Even with diligent maintenance, AC units can face issues. If you encounter unusual noises, inconsistent cooling, or suspect a frozen condenser coil, it’s time for AC repair in Tempe, AZ. Addressing problems promptly can prevent further complications.

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As the Summer season ends, ensure your Tempe HVAC system is prepared for the fall. Our HVAC experts are ready to assist with any air conditioning maintenance in Tempe or repairs. Contact us to schedule your appointment with Peterson Air Care today!

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