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If you have a heat pump in Tempe, AZ, then you probably know that it can be hard to find reliable help when it isn’t working well. At Peterson Air Care and Home Services, our heating contractors in Tempe, AZ are heat pump experts, and they are ready and waiting to help you out. Regardless of what’s going on with your heat pump or what you need, we can handle it with our full range of Tempe heat pump services.

Call us today and get an appointment with someone who knows your heat pump in Tempe, AZ inside and out!

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Our Heat Pump Services in Tempe, AZ

Tempe Heat Pump Repair

Call us as soon as you realize that your heat pump in Tempe, AZ is not working. No matter what your heat pump needs in terms of repair, we’ll get it done for you, no problem! We know that you need your heat pump fixed fast because of how cold it gets around here. Since we live in the area as well as working here, we appreciate your urgency and promise to finish your heat pump repair in Tempe, AZ quickly.

We’ll get there when it works for you, assess your unit, then talk to you about any options you might have. Before long, you’ll be warm at home again thanks to our expert heat pump service in Tempe, AZ!

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Tempe Heat Pump Maintenance

When it’s time to get your heat pump in Tempe, AZ ready for winter, call us at Peterson Air Care & Home Services. We’ll send someone out to you to do a comprehensive heat pump maintenance visit. We’ll test your heat pump in Tempe, AZ, look it over visually, and arrange with you to repair anything that might not be working as well as it possibly can.

Tempe Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Whether you’re replacing your heat pump or doing a heat pump installation in Tempe, AZ for the very first time, our  have you covered. Our expert heat pump service in Tempe, AZ ensures your installation is performed according to manufacturer specifications and we will work fast so that you can have the heat you need in a timely manner.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is like a two-way air conditioner. In cold weather, it takes heat from outside and brings it inside to warm up your home. Even when it’s chilly outside, there’s still some heat in the air, and the heat pump can grab it. In hot weather, a Tempe heat pump does the opposite: it takes the heat from inside your home and pushes it outside to cool things down. So, it can both heat and cool a space, making it a handy tool for many homes.

Professional Heat Pump Service in Tempe, AZ

Our aim is always to get your heat pump service in Tempe, AZ completed fast and to leave you 100% happy with our technicians and the work they’ve done. If, at any time, you aren’t happy, please let us know and we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it. Call us today to get your Tempe heat pump taken care of by one of our experienced technicians!

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