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Furnace Maintenance Tempe, AZ

If you are looking for in-home service experts to complete your furnace maintenance in Tempe, AZ, or the Metro Phoenix area, then give us a call at Peterson Air Care and Home Service. We promise that when it comes to heating services in Tempe, AZ, we’ll send an expert out to you quickly to complete your furnace maintenance so that you will have an efficient and reliable furnace in Tempe again soon.

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Our Furnace Services in Tempe, AZ

When to Call for Furnace Maintenance?

You can call us for furnace maintenance anytime. However, we recommend that you call at least once a year. In addition, the best time to call for furnace maintenance is right before you plan to turn your furnace on for the winter.

If you’re not sure when furnace maintenance was last done on your home, make sure you give us a call soon. That way, we can come to your home and make sure that your furnace is in good shape before you try to use it.

You can also call us for furnace maintenance in Tempe, AZ whenever you have concerns about your furnace. Since we test each part of the furnace during the furnace maintenance process, we can figure out if something isn’t working. This helps you know what you need to repair and whether the overall state of your furnace is good enough to make it worth repairing.

Many people simply put it on their calendar to call us once a year for furnace maintenance. For instance, some call us every year on September 1st, while others wait until October. We recommend that you call earlier in the season. That way, we are more likely to be able to get you on our schedule for furnace maintenance before you need to use your furnace in Tempe.

Our Furnace Maintenance Process

When we come out to maintain your furnace, we will go through a long checklist. This ensures that we check each and every component of your furnace and measure it against the manufacturer’s specifications for that particular unit. It also makes sure that we remember to change your filters, clean out any dust and debris from your furnace, and visually inspect your whole HVAC system.

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Call for Furnace Maintenance Today

At Peterson Air Care, our furnace maintenance process is thorough because we want to make sure that your furnace in Tempe will work as well as it possibly can for as long as it possibly can. Call us today and one of our experts will be out to perform your furnace maintenance or any other furnace service in Tempe, AZ as soon as possible.

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